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Welcome To White Extrusion Machinery Ltd

White Extrusion Machinery supplies machinery for technical profile extrusion,window profile extrusion, film and sheet extrusion and the window profile 

bending and lamination markets.


Our product ranges are from innovative suppliers who offer leading solutions in their specialised field. FUX AUSTRIA we offer their range of Dry Profile Bending machinery as well as their Profile Lamination machinery.

See our used machines page for used FUX machines

From EXTRUNET AUSTRIA we offer their range of specialist equipment for the techniprofile extrusion market including extrusion tooling, complete lines and Special Purpose machinery for the Plastics Extrusion Industry
From BARUFFALDI ITALY we offer their range of Profile Punching machinery, Inline Slitting machines, as well as complete range of special purpose inline and offline equipment for the extrusion industry.
From EMO AUSTRIA  we supply their range of Film & Sheet Dies and ancillary equipment.
From PS-ECO AUSTRIA we supply their complete range of low energy downstream equipment and low energy central vacuum systems for window profile extrusion

From TRICKY GERMANY we supply there range of Clever Machines for Tricky Windows specialising in the arched/raked head window production market. TrimQuick Manual Corner Cleaners.

ZITTA-AUSTRIA we can offer a range of over 2,000 profiles available in very short delivery times we can also offer pre production runs of profiles prior to shipment of the tooling. 

We also supply Pipe Bending Support hoses for the drainage and ducting industries and spare parts are also available for ACTUAL extrusion downstream equipment.

You can rely on a personal service from White Extrusion Machinery whichever area of production you operate in. Website Design & eCommerce Software Shopping Cart Solutions